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Alex McGilvery

Calliope and the Sea Serpent

"Calliope is an artist who works for her explorer father recording what he brings back from his journeys in her sketchbooks. Then she has a chance to go along on a trip to capture a sea serpent.

First book in a steampunk series. "

The Devil Reversed

Not all devils come from Hell.

Marriette wants to escape her father, accepting an arranged marriage to a cripple, never expecting to find someone she could love.

Zeb is trapped in a weak human body forced to do the will of the mage who summoned him. The cost of his defiance is pain and destruction to all around him.

She sets out to change the Kingdom. If the mage gets his way, Zeb will destroy it. 

This is the first in a five book series -The Belandria Tarot, the last book is being published this summer."