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Amanda Jardee

Hearts n' Bruises! taking weird junk and turning it into nifty junk, a long time. I call myself a "trash alchemist," finding little shiny baubles here and there and melding them into a style I like to call Post-Apocalyptic Whimsypunk. I do a little bit of everything, sewing dice bags, resin cast charms and gaming accessories, and beaded necklaces, to larger projects like cosplay props and modded Nerf Blasters. drop me a line and say hi!

Doctor Preposterous' Patented Faerie-Catching Glove

Frustrated by the Fae? Perplexed by Pixies? beset upon by ethereal beings? fret no more with this engineered gauntlet for capturing a wide array of magical creatures!

Crimson Dragon Hoard Dice Box

This fiery little guy would be more than happy to add your dice, tokens, miniatures, jewelry, or whatever else you have to their hoard. they may even be nice enough to let you have it back. box measures 3" by 4" by 4" tall and is large enough to hold one set of standard sized dice.

GO Team Emblem Pendants

Whether you're running around parks and cities or staying at home chasing imaginary monsters, rep your team of choice with a stylish insignia pendant!