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QuaranCon 2022

Code of Conduct

QuaranCon reserves the right to change policy at the administration’s discretion.

QuaranCon reserves the right to mute, kick, or permanently ban anyone who violates the code of conduct with or without explanation to the individual.

We reserve the right to apply our code of conduct to your behavior outside of QuaranCon spaces. (If we hear you’re being a jerk online or in person you won’t get to join our events.)


Rule 1

Treat everyone with respect. QuaranCon has a zero tolerance policy for any form of discrimination, harassment, threat, abuse, or hate speech. We appreciate a sense of humor, but if your sense of humor only functions at the expense of others, it is not welcome in our spaces.


Rule 2

Do not engage in disruptive or inappropriate behavior in or out of convention spaces. Fighting, heckling, cornering, badgering, or similar will not be tolerated. 


Rule 3

Do not stream or record any QuaranCon events without advance consent/permission from our admin. 


Rule 4

Be courteous. If you are participating in a panel please turn off, or put on silent any and all devices which might disrupt the flow of the panel. Alternatively, if you are in a loud environment please mute your mic when you aren’t speaking. Please respect everyone’s time and efforts by giving your full attention to the events in which you are participating.


Rule 5

Please endeavor to be punctual to all events in which you are participating and remain for the duration of the event. If your schedule conflicts with your events, please let your moderator or our organizers know as far in advance as possible.  


If you have questions or concerns, please direct them to your moderators or our organizers.

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