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Darran M Handshaw - The Engineer's Press

The Engineer's Press is the imprint for the current and forthcoming sci-fi fantasy novels and other works by Darran M Handshaw and Stefanie Handshaw. The Engineer is Darran's debut sci-fi/fantasy novel, which follows the adventures of Actaeon in the post-apocalyptic, high-tech city of Redemption.

The Engineer - A Chronicles of Actaeon Story (E-book)

"""We are born in the shadow of fading memories and fallen dreams, living our days within the decaying bones of an age long gone.""

When the Engineer, Actaeon, arrives at Pyramid in the heart of Redemption, nothing goes according to plan. Mysterious raiders pursue him relentlessly across the shattered remains of the ancient metropolis, and the leaders of his homeland pay no heed to his ambitious ideas. Meanwhile, deep beneath Pyramid, a deadly creature stirs. And, when Actaeon meets a skilled young Knight Arbiter with brilliant blue eyes, he starts down a path he could never have imagined.

The vast, fallen city of the Ancients is home to a new people who face the constant struggle to find resources needed to survive in the dangerous ruins. For the Engineer, however, Redemption is a treasure trove of technology, opportunity, and answers. But his unique skills make him a target for those who would use his talents to achieve their own dreams of power and control.

In his endless quest for the truth, will Actaeon discover the fallen city's greatest secrets? Or will he share the same fate as the Ancients of whom nothing remains but a whisper?

One thing is certain: in Redemption, everything comes with a cost."

My Emphemeral Light - Photographic Art and Poetry

This book contains a collection of original poetry and full-color photographs by Stefanie Handshaw, for whom these art forms are a method of journaling, self-expression, and reflection.

The Quantum Soul: A Sci Fi Roundtable Anthology

"What is Life? Is it awareness or the ability to interact and understand the world around us? As we dig deeper into reality, what will we discover about ourselves and what it means to be alive? When we stare into the mirror, are we really sure that what we see staring back is the only definition of life in the universe?

Sixteen talented authors of The SciFi Roundtable each come up with their own unique answers to this challenging question. The Quantum Soul is a collection of short stories destined to leave you wondering if there isn’t more that humanity has to learn about the ultimate meaning of life."