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David Green

I am a dark fiction writer with my focus on two series: the Nick Holleran series from Black Hare Press; an urban fantasy noir with the already released (and Pushcart Prize nominated) Dead Man Walking and the upcoming sequel, The Devil Walk In Blood (out March 5th.) The second series is a dark fantasy one coming from Eerie River Publishing called The Empire of Ruin. Book one, out June 2021, is called In Solitude's Shadow.

Dead Man Walking

Nick Holleran, private detective, thought he had life figured out. Until the day he died. Holleran woke to the horrifying truth. Hell is Earth, and the demons live among us. Taking the cases others won’t, Holleran is plunged into an investigation that forces him to confront his past. Revenge is a sin, and the price is high. For Nick Holleran, work is hell; and this time it’s personal.

The Devil Walks In Blood

"After Nick Holleran, private detective, figures out the horrifying truth—Hell is Earth, and the demons live among us—he takes the cases others won’t.

When an eyeless ghost tasks him with discovering her killer, Holleran is drawn into a web of intrigue and a history of violence. Fighting against the living and dead, Holleran follows a trail of blood to it's end.

With one life left, he needs to tread with care."