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Patrick D. Kaiser

Hey there! My name's Patrick D. Kaiser. I'm an author with autism!
Words are amazing! They can take us places and make us feel things we've never thought before.
If you're looking for positive, quality, encouraging poetry – Look no further than my three poetry collections: Catch the Moment – Colors of the Heart - & The Light Before We Land.
My first series: The Crimson Minds Trilogy are young adult, action-thrillers told in verse!
The first book: Crimson Minds is about a young man struggling with his own identity. It's a murder mystery wrapped up In a psychic gang war in Chicago.
Book two: Crimson crown deals with the after math of book one. With the loss of the three Kings there's now a power vacuum.
Book three: Crimson Lilies is the character's final showdown between themselves and their enemies. It's schedule to release in May 2020.
My next series after that is title The Death-Bringer Chronicles.
Book one: Frost will basically be Harry potter meets Law & Order.
I hope you'll look forward to it.
Love is the mission statement. Let's make it echo. Use the #MakeItEcho on social media.
And you can find my books on

Crimson Minds

"It's said humans use only 10% of our minds.
But what if there are some who can use more? In modern day Chicago three gangs of psychic youth vie for power. Led by their Kings, each one seeking to control the city. Unfortunately for them, Daniel Cavanough has no interest in such matters. His only concern is to find the truth of his father and sister's murder. With The Black Dog sniffing around, and the mysterious Rose throwing her own hat in the ring, it may not be the wind blowing things about.

Is it possible to change Crimson Minds?"

Crimson Crown

"The war for the city is heating up, the vacancy left by the three Kings burning it from within.
Rose plots from the shadows as The Black Dog is no closer to finding the answers needed to achieve equilibrium. Everyone toils away as a sinister shadow looms & has returned, planning his own vision for the city - A former King, putting the old guard on edge & gunning for The Dog to either join or die.

There's a reason his crown is crimson."

The light before we land

Flying high above the world – This feeling of bliss. Here life is clear as we catch the moments & appreciate the colors of the hearts, below. But one constant reigns true: there's a light within us on this journey – The Light before we Land.