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Phil Williams

I'm an author of contemporary fantasy thrillers with leanings towards horror and dark humour. My main series, Ordshaw, is set in and around a fictional UK city with supernatural goings on: but this isn't your typical urban fantasy fare. Roll up for labyrinthine mysteries, gangster fairies and a whole lot more on the way.

Under Ordshaw

"Fairies are real. And they have guns.

Pax is one rent cheque and six days away from the rough streets of Ordshaw. A big poker score should’ve settled that – but a vagrant stole her winnings, and his trail leads to the darkest corners of the city.

Pax's underworld connections know how to track people down. The problem is, it might not be mere people she's looking for – a truth painfully apparent when the search lands Pax in the crosshairs of a shady government Ministry and the thief’s mysterious partners.

Between keeping herself alive and trying to unravel rumours of a subterranean labyrinth, Pax discovers her city hosts a whole other kind of underworld.

People have disappeared simply for discovering what’s lurking under Ordshaw.

To survive, Pax needs to go a lot further than that."

The City Screams

"Tova’s getting her hearing back.

She’s going to wish she wasn’t.

Alone in Tokyo for experimental ear surgery, Tova Nokes is finally shaking up her life. But when she starts to hear things she shouldn’t, all she wants is to make it home alive.

There’s a voice saying it’s where she comes from that makes her special.

If she can only survive violent stalkers, and the terrible screams, she might figure out why…"

Kept From Cages

"No one returns from Ikiri.

Reece’s gang of criminal jazz musicians have taken shelter in the wrong house. There’s a girl with red eyes bound to a chair. The locals call her a devil – but Reece sees a kid that needs protecting. He’s more right than he knows.

Chased by a shadowy swordsman and an unnatural beast, the gang flee across the Deep South with the kid in tow. She won’t say where she’s from or who exactly her scary father is, but she’s got powers they can’t understand. How much will Reece risk to save her?

On the other side of the world, Agent Sean Tasker’s asking similar questions. With an entire village massacred and no trace of the killers, he’s convinced Duvcorp’s esoteric experiments are responsible. His only ally is an unstable female assassin, and their only lead is Ikiri – a black-site in the Congo, which no one leaves alive. How far is Tasker prepared to go for answers?

Kept From Cages is the first part in an action-packed supernatural thriller duology, filled with eccentric characters and intricately woven mysteries. Start your journey to Ikiri today."