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Sam Kallinger

Hotel of Lost Souls

Zack Henderson's life has never been interesting. He was an EMT-in-training on the day he boarded a train to escape the dreary Ohio winter for the warmth of Florida's tourist spots. Sarah and Jamie are excited college students on their way to fun and games and a break from the tedium of tests and professors.

When a villain holds his hand out, offering to save their lives—in exchange for those lives—what choice do they have but to take it? None of them ever imagined what fate had in store for them.

The question is: did they really survive?


Hate is a four-letter word—one that hits home for Zack Henderson only three years after being the victim of terrible violence.​

While settling into his new life, he finally manages to put the past behind him. Just as he believes he is finally safe, though, hate comes smashing through his door. When everything he cares about is torn away from him, he must find the strength to make decisions of which he had never believed himself capable.

In a world with vampires, humans can still show that being dead is not a prerequisite for being a monster.


When Zack Henderson made the decision to abandon his ordinary human life, he thought he was giving up on any semblance of normality. The last five years of his life have certainly given him no reason to believe otherwise.

Normal is a point of view.

Zack and his family aren't very traditional, but they are most definitely a family. Now a new threat has moved into town to attempt to destroy it. For years they have put off moving on with their lives. Now it is finally time to face the bridges that once seemed so far away. They can only hope that the threat from the darkness doesn't burn them as they cross.