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Trish Heinrich and T.L. Heinrich

T.L. was one of the co-creators of the superhero comedy web series “The Collectibles”. She's also one of the masterminds behind, a one-stop-shop for superhero books, and is one of the hosts of the Geekorama podcast.

Her first novel “Serpent’s Return” was re-released in 2019 and is the first book in an Urban Fantasy Superhero series, The Vigilantes: The Rise of Heroes. She writes Superhero Urban fantasy under T.L. Heinrich, and Superhero Romance under Trish Heinrich You can find her and her superhero series at

Serpent's Return: A Superhero Urban Fantasy Novel

"For heroes, love is a liability.

Find her aunts killer.

Become a powerful vigilante.

Release a super villain on the unsuspecting populace.

Fall in love with her childhood best friend.

…yeah those last two definitely weren’t part of the plan.

But in a city of masks, nothing is as it seems. Not love. Not vengeance. And Alice is about to learn that lesson the hard way.

If superheroes and slow burn romance are your preferred poison, then suit up and get the first book in The Vigilantes Superhero Universe now!"

Fahrenheit's Ghost: A Superhero Urban Fantasy Novel

"Defeat the bad guys. Save a superpowered child. Fall in love with the ex-girlfriend that hates her.
Yeah, that last one wasn’t part of the plan. But since when did Colleen ever catch a break?

Now she’s stuck with the woman she never got over while running from cold blooded killers who would like nothing better than to see her dead.

And then, there’s the little girl with mysterious powers that everyone seems to want a piece of.

If these two frienemies can’t bury the hatchet long enough to save her, there’s no way they can save each other.

If action-packed lesbian superheroes with a bit of steam is your addiction, Fahrenheit's Ghost is the book you’ve been searching for. Suit up and get your copy of the first, thrilling installment of The Heroes of High Tide today!"

Beneath The Mask: A Superhero Romance Anthology

"Ten tantalizing tales of masked heroes saving the day and falling in love.

From sweet saviors to steamy angelic warriors, reluctant heroes to grumpy playboys, this anthology has something for everyone who’s ever fantasized about being a hero...or falling for one.

Do you dare to peek behind the mask and live out your sweetest, darkest, steamiest fantasies?

Each story includes superheroes and a swoon-worthy happily every after!