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Virginia McClain

Virginia McClain writes epic and urban fantasy novels featuring badass women. Not just sword wielding, magic flinging, ass kickers (although them too) but also healers, political leaders, caregivers and more. Her epic fantasy series could be described as Song of the Lioness meets Avatar the Last Airbender with a dash of Shogun, and her urban fantasy series could be best described as Twilight and Harry Potter's secret feminist lovechild. Come for the dragons and werewolves, stay for the trope twists and snark!

Blade's Edge

In a world where their very existence is a crime, young girls and gifted warriors Mishi and Taka must master their powers in order to fight for survival — and to overturn an oppressive regime.

Orphans Mishi and Taka have always struggled to hide the elemental powers that mark them as Kisōshi—wielders of elemental magic that everyone “knows” can only be male.

When Mishi is taken from the orphanage, the two friends fear they will never meet again. Suddenly alone in their fight to survive, each girl must come to terms with her true nature—Mishi as warrior, Taka as healer. Years after their separation, the girls’ journeys lead them each to uncover the horrifying secret that the Rōjū council has spent centuries killing to keep.

Now the Rōjū council wants them dead, and they will have only one chance to save their people.

Buy this epic tale of asian-inspired fantasy to find out how much Mishi and Taka will have to sacrifice in order to protect all they hold dear.

Traitor's Hope

Book 2 in the Chronicles of Gensokai

Sairō's Claw

Kaiyo Saito. Captain. Heir. Poised for fortune and power. Forced to choose between loyalty and what's right, she must make the hardest decision of her life.

Torako Kagizume. Hardened warrior. Defender of innocents. Reluctant to start a family for fear of losing the ones she loves most, her worst nightmares come true when she finds her beloved wife abducted by an unknown enemy.

Left with no choice but to bring her three year old daughter on a desperate rescue mission, Torako’s heart is tested again and again. And as Kaiyo realizes that the woman she has abducted is more than just a loose end, she is forced to recognize a series of truths that may just change everything.